There are definitely times when democracy hangs in the balance. Caesar crossed the Rubicon, The Bolshevik Revolution, the French Revolution, The American Revolution, Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo, yes, and even Trump. But I am not running around like a headless chicken. I don’t think this is one of those times. It could have been without people like Nancy Pelosi but now the jig is up and Trump and the GOP are in trouble and they know it. At a time like this it’s wise to game out the process, to run a bunch of if, then, else scenarios. Public sentiment is against Trump and even more so against McConnell. Even Fox News polls say so. It will get worse. Pelosi’s simple refusal to send the articles to the Senate without assurances and the news storm it is kicking up is an important turning point. What will happen? Trump might never be tried and have to campaign for re-election with the scarlet I on his chest OR the Senate will acquit in which case 22 GOP senators up for reelection will face voters with shame on their faces OR Trump will lose in the Senate by a lopsided margin of 98–2 or some such. Why? Because the GOP leaders have had enough and need an opportunity to disable Trump in a quick decisive way. The trial offers that possibility. But regardless, Trump doesn’t have all the power, even the GOP doesn’t. Power has been well distributed around the government by the Constitution and that document is just coming to life. Be patient.

Researcher, author of multiple books including “The Age of Sustainability” about solutions for climate change. Technology, business, economics.

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