I want to respect you and your opinions but this is really a jumbled mess. I can’t fathom the idea that it’s too late to make meaningful progress toward reversing the climate situation. We know enough from studying the history of the planet how to fix things.

In my formulation, there is no climate cure, just as there is no cure (yet!) for diabetes. But people don’t die very often from diabetes these days because we have very good coping strategies in the form of diet, exeercise and insulin. With just the development of insulin therapy diabetes went from something you die from to something you die with.

My approach, which is written in over 100 posts here, is to use those solutions that keep things from getting worse, and may even improve the situation, in an organized way. They include, most importantly, developing a new energy paradigm which is ongoing because people who know realize there’s only a 50-year supply of petroleum left (US DOE). Coal isn’t much better. Without fossil fuels in the picture emissions drop and natural processes, i.e. photosynthesis has a chance.

We can and should promote photosynthesis wherever possible. One great approach is to encourage phytoplankton growth in the oceans. It’s not hard to do and it is very effective. We’re losing the Amazon which generates 20 percent of our oxygen, another crisis that calls for unified action.

Our most serious problem today is overpopulation; we’ve overshot the earth’s ability to support humans. There will be 10 billion people on the planet at mid-century, which equals earth’s carrying capacity according to UN reports.

Global action is what’s needed and contrary to what the nay-sayers like Trump tell us, it’s happening. Maybe it’s not perfect but there’s a lot of alternative energy promotion happening, the Paris climate agreement is still in force, and this fall you’ll see a flock of electric cars in showrooms.

You strike me as an intelligent person but you’re also lazy. You haven’t done the hard work of researching your opinions before you spout them and that’s too bad. Because there are a lot of you out there and the only thing worse than an absolute climate denier is a concerned citizen without data spouting off.

Read my book, “The Age of Sustainability.”

Have a nice day.

Researcher, author of multiple books including “The Age of Sustainability” about solutions for climate change. Technology, business, economics.

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