Hahaha! Looks like the old fallacy of simple denial. Just deny what the other side says, don’t bring data! Just assert yourself like Clarence Thomas and Bret Kavanaugh. Or like Trump who said, Putin denied interferringin our election strongly. Well if it’s strongly what are we supposed to do? Rely on data?Facts? Information?

Rice paddies emit more methane than cattle? Where is your data! how are you measuring it?

CH4 is a tiny molecule and it leaks, as I say in the article, check your gas bill. It leaks through pipes and fittings, and poor welds. they flare it off at the wellhead but some of it just leaks. Ever see a video of a kitchen faucett burning because the water well is contaminated by CH4 excaping from fractured rock? It leaks!

Pastured cattle sequester the CO2 they turn into meat which we eventually turn back to CO2. It’s a temporary fix.

Have a nice day!

Researcher, author of multiple books including “The Age of Sustainability” about solutions for climate change. Technology, business, economics.

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