• Darren Smith

    Darren Smith

    Point of Reference founder. Passionate about customer reference programs and the expertise, technology and content that makes them successful.

  • Chris Ortolano

    Chris Ortolano

    Building bridges from #sales to #customersuccess | Understand requirements to meet desired outcomes | Sales Productivity Partner @Tenbound

  • John Zissimos

    John Zissimos

    Chief Creative Officer at Salesforce.com.

  • Ben Werner

    Ben Werner

    We help marketers find the truth with their customers. Our startup team is working to reimagine #MRX #Marketing and #Feedback

  • Andy Morgan

    Andy Morgan

    Student of the ageless wisdom presenting a spiritual perspective on social, political, economic, and scientific topics.

  • Colin Jordan

    Colin Jordan

    Award Winning PR Professional / BI Top 50 in Tech PR / Silicon Valley Native / Passions are Business, Tech & Sports

  • Nick Hamm

    Nick Hamm

    Founder and CEO of 10K Advisors, the company at the intersection of the future of work and the Salesforce ecosystem.

  • Xander Munro

    Xander Munro

    Marketer, rugby player and beer drinker. Not very good at the last two. All opinions my own.

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