Dave Robbins sent fan mail about a piece on the Ukraine scandal I wrote called, “More than a phone call.” I reprint it here in full as well as my response.

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The Myth of Sisyphus is the ultimate “bring me a rock” tale.

Dave Robbins

The only weak point in your article is Ukraine received the aid of almost 400 million and there was no investigations. The 391 million alone kind of dwarfs what the EU or Germany gave over a 2 year period. The Javelins alone also dwarfs the military aid for the defense of Ukraine provided by Obama. If President Trump did think about withholding the aid and even discussed it with his advisers he ultimately did not. The mob boss is guilty of a thought crime? Like the rest of the left and the Democrats describing the President as a mob boss and alleging he has committed crimes while in office has been discredited by the lack of any crimes listed on the articles of impeachment. Considering the hundred ongoing investigations, the extensive Mueller probe, the serious FBI counter intelligence probe, the brightest investigative journalist and the intelligence agencies all turned over every rock and looked in every crevice but found not one chargeable crime and after all the allegations by the Democrats they knew of crimes committed by the President any thinking person has to come to the conclusion it has all been a political ploy to discredit and smear the President and a lie. I can’t believe they simply forgot to list all the crimes they know of or it was just incompetence because there were over 100 Democrats in the house involved. The only conclusion can be they are so desperate for political power they are willing to further divide and disrupt our government and country. If I am wrong please feel free to correct my assumption. Also inform me of every case you know of where someone considered committing a crime but didn’t that has been prosecuted.

Denis Pombriant

Hi Dave,

Thanks for reading and I do appreciate your feedback but I think we’ll just have to agree to disagree. More importantly though, Dave, I have to question why you make the points you do given all of the evidence available in the media and online. This looks like a classic case of gaslighting to me though I prefer to think of it as a children’s game called “Bring me a rock”.

In the game the leader demands rocks from his followers and promptly rejects all specimens brought to him concluding each time with, “No, bring me a rock,” as if the poor minions playing the game are obtuse and unable to follow direction. Everyone save the poor minions who are playing it straight has a great time as they earnestly try to satisfy their fearless leader’s peculiar request.

Bring me a rock is the silly game your side plays with gaslighting, probably because it works. I bet you’d like nothing better than to have me respond with a detailed, point by point rebuttal of your nonsense. Then you could say to all your buddies, “Hey, look, we got another liberal to waste his time on this stuff,” just like your hero Cadet Bone Spurs. Trouble is though, Dave, that Cadet Bone Spurs can barely get away with that stuff after more than 15,000 documented lies to the American people. And, Dave, you’re not him.

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But don’t feel too bad about it, Dave. Your side is going to win on Wednesday right after Ole Bone Spurs tells another lie, that the state of the union is ducky. You’ll win because your senators soiled themselves trying to convince the world that day is night last week. A despicable show that only proves once again that he whose name must not be mentioned corrupts everything he touches.

But understand this while you bask in the warm feeling you get from shredding the Constitution. Trump is a fad and he’s having his moment in the national spotlight. But like every fad there’s a downside, a sputtering out. It will happen with this too.

By my reckoning, the last time your side had such an awful president (Herbert Hoover), once he was successfully voted out of office the GOP became the permanent minority party for over 40 years and in the process your side was locked out of the White House in 8 out of 12 presidential elections until amnesia took hold and we elected Ronald the Terrible and his fantasy about trickle down economics. Still waiting for that one to come in.

So enjoy your time in the artificial light, Dave, but remember payback is a bitch.

Researcher, author of multiple books including “The Age of Sustainability” about solutions for climate change. Technology, business, economics.

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